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$2,500-$5,000, $5,000-$10,000, $10,000+

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Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, Custom, Other

Email Marketing

Account Audit, Account Setup, Campaign Strategy / Execution, Copywriting, Content Development, Template Design, Automation Development / Management

Development & Design

Migration Services, Custom Integrations Design & Development, Technology Roadmap Creation

About Flowium

Through hundreds of email marketing audits and discovery calls, we were able to pinpoint the 4 challenges that most eCommerce business owners struggle with when it comes to email marketing. Technical difficulties - Klaviyo can take time to set up and often eCommerce business owners don't have the hours in the day to figure it out - Can be complicated to navigate without prior experience, which makes it difficult to get the most out of it Analytical deficiencies – Understanding the results you’re getting from your email marketing efforts - E.g. if you have a 20% open rate, $0.08 per recipient, and a 2.5% click-through rate, are you doing well, okay, or should you be worried? Strategic challenges – It’s hard to make your best strategic decisions without clear answers to questions like: - How do you leverage the data you’ve gathered about your customer for your email marketing? - What customer behavior should trigger emails? - Should you go with automated emails or email campaigns? Finally, and it’s a big one – Finding the right people to do the job - It’s often expensive and time-consuming to bring in new people – especially if you need to figure out their job for them - It’s hard to find someone you can trust to manage a giant aspect of your company such as email marketing without having to be involved in every decision - Many people can do email marketing, but not many are passionate enough to become experts. The expertise of this level is unique and hard to find - Generalists just don’t produce the results you’re looking for A few years ago we realized that the only way to produce any worthy results through email marketing is by focusing entirely on it and using a comprehensive approach. We also took it a step further and decided to only work on email marketing projects for eCommerce businesses. When we figured it out and went all in, these are the kind of results we were able to produce for our clients since: ● A 50% increase in revenue in 3 months ● Going from $0 to $458K from email only in 6 months ● Bringing in 69% of the store’s revenue through email We help medium and large eCommerce stores that want to stop ploughing money into paid social and rely solely on discounts increase their retail revenue by 20%-60%. We do it by providing a premium full service that includes strategy, copy, design, and technical assistance with Klaviyo. Our team takes full charge of the project and provides the results you’re looking for with your minimum involvement. You can learn more and schedule a call with us here:

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