About Wonderment

For eCommerce brands, transparency is your strongest weapon in customer experience and retention. Wonderment is not just any order tracking app - we give you full visibility into your shipments so you can deliver a delightfully unexpected post-purchase experience.

Proactively notify customers about the status of their order, including delayed or lost shipments. Improve customer satisfaction while reducing support costs. Wonderment offers unlimited order tracking for most Shopify plans.

"We were having issues with packages getting delayed and customers thinking they were lost. Now we can monitor shipments and avoid having to re-ship as many orders. This has been the only app we've found that can do this."
Michael Parker, Director Sales & Marketing at LuminAID

Wonderment and Klaviyo

Wonderment combines complete shipping data with the power of Klaviyo for a better, beautiful, post-purchase experience. Keeping customers informed about their order means fewer “where is my order?!” tickets and happier customers. With Wonderment, we give you better control of these ever-critical customer communications.

Wonderment's Klaviyo integration brings all your shipping and sales data together in one place, allowing you to design, test, and automate your order-tracking emails right from Klaviyo. Each order's detailed package contents and shipping status is sent to Klaviyo allowing you to segment and message, whether that's based on the contents, where it's going, customer history, or other integrated Klaviyo data, or messaging your own team about delivery errors or lost packages to be aware of.

Use cases

  • Beautiful Post-Purchase Order Tracking Emails

    Deliver gorgeous order and shipping updates, customized based on the products in the package or customer history. Use Wonderment's templates or create your own using Klaviyo's builder, no code required and with free setup assistance available from our team of Klaviyo experts.

  • Proactively inform customers about order delays

    Delays happen. Whether your warehouse is slow to fulfill items, or weather delays are impacting particular regions, Wonderment enables you to automatically notify customers automatically about stalled shipments.

  • Better timed product reviews

    Asking for reviews prematurely can hurt brand reputation. Setting flows to a simple time delay won't work if orders are late. With Wonderment, you can trigger product review only after a package has actually been delivered.