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Use targeted landing pages and your Klaviyo data together to create remarkable personalized shopping experiences that drive more sales, engagement, and growth for your eCommerce business.

Conversion Rate Optimization, CRM, Customer Journey Optimization, eCommerce Platforms, Loyalty, Onsite Engagement

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About Unstack

You're already using Klaviyo to create more personal customer experiences with your email and SMS campaigns. Now you can bring that same level of personalization into the on-site experience with Unstack.

Unstack is deeply integrated with Shopify and Klaviyo, empowering marketing teams and agencies to quickly create dedicated shoppable landing pages for every touchpoint in the customer journey.

Take your pages even further by setting up rules that determine which content to show users based on their actions and data. For example, if someone has viewed a product multiple times but hasn't added to cart, you can set a rule to show a specific offer that nudges them to purchase, or remind them about your shipping and return policies.

How to start using this integration in minutes:

  1. Install Untack in the Shopify store (2 minutes)
  2. Enable the Klaviyo integration in Unstack (2 minutes)
  3. Grab a pre-built landing page template (5 minutes)
  4. Set your personalization rules (5 minutes)
I'm so glad I found Unstack! I wanted to test landing pages quickly without any coding or graphic design experience required. My first landing page already boosted my conversion rate by 250%. So excited to continue making more utilizing their template library. The team is also extremely helpful whenever I have any questions. Highly recommend!
Joel Padron, Director of Marketing at CROSSNET

Unstack and Klaviyo

Paired together, Unstack and Klaviyo deliver the very best in eCommerce content development and on-site personalization to help merchants build more authentic and engaging relationships with their customers. Available in the V3 integration:

Automated metrics pushed to Klaviyo

Add your API keys and Unstack will automatically set up the events you need to create high performing flows: active on site, viewed product, added to cart, started checkout.

Integrated personalization with Unstack CCD

By passing the profile ID on your email and SMS campaigns Unstack has 100% accuracy about who is viewing a page and can transform it to deliver the right content to drive the right outcome.

Session and data connectivity

This integration creates a more connected experience, unifying Klaviyo and Unstack’s first party analytics.

Personalize with Metrics and Segments (Coming Soon)

Set conditional rendering rules based on Klaviyo metrics and segments that users may belong to.


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  • Conditional Content
  • Pre-Built Templates
  • Landing Pages for eCommerce Playbooks

Use cases

  • Increase your sales conversion rates and revenue per send

    Instead of sending your customers to collections or product pages, send them to dedicated personalized landing pages. By updating your flows and campaign links your revenue per send and overall sales conversion rates will improve.

  • Build killer loyalty experiences for your best customers

    Create customer segments for your best customers and send tailored emails to these high value audiences. Pair your email content with Unstack’s shoppable landing pages and deliver an amazing experience from click to checkout.

  • Show higher or full-priced items for big spenders

    Using custom landing pages puts your promotions and products all in one place, and allows you to provide targeted discount codes or premium priced products in front of customers based on their spending habits, driving higher conversion rates and order values.