Mobile App Creation

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About Tapcart

Tapcart is the premier mobile app provider for over 7,000 of the world’s fastest-growing Shopify brands including Fashion Nova, Urban Planet, Chubbies, and more. With Tapcart, you can design and launch a world-class mobile app that increases conversion and engagement with no coding or development work required.

Tapcart and Klaviyo

Amplify your digital marketing efforts by combining the power of Klaviyo with a Tapcart mobile app. Klaviyo’s automation capabilities paired with Tapcart’s push notifications allow you to seamlessly trigger event-based workflows and engage with your mobile app users in real-time. For example, if a mobile shopper favorites an item but doesn’t add the product to their cart, Klaviyo can send an automated push notification to that user about the specific product they’re interested in.

Use cases

  • Boost engagement with highly-relevant push notifications

    Send automated push notifications based on user behavior.

  • Alert customers to back in stock items

    Send notifications once an item has been restocked.

  • Send targeted campaigns and trigger email flows

    Create segments of users based on preset conditions and use those segments to send targeted campaigns and trigger email flows.