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Loved by thousands of e-commerce stores, is the most advanced review solution on the market.

Instantly increase your on-site conversion rates by collecting and displaying customer feedback. Our content license with Google gets your reviews showing across the web, proven to increase trust in your business, traffic to your site and your bottom line.

"The information we get from has helped us set up new flows for our biggest brand advocates."
Ben Amanna, Founder at BOXRAW and Klaviyo's integration can be your most powerful tool, build brand trust with your customers at various parts of the customer journey.  

Key benefits:  
• Create segmented audiences in Klaviyo automatically and send targeted campaigns to customers, reviewers and influencers, based on customer post-purchase actions.
• Create audiences based on Instagram content.
• Display your latest review content directly within email campaigns.
• Trigger emails for customers to review your product or service.
• Trigger emails thanking those who've given a positive review.
• Reconnect with those who's left a negative review.
• Link to your loyalty and reward programs like and Loyalty Lion


  • Klaviyo Integration

Use cases

  • Flows and Segments

    Follow-up sequences & targeted email flows. Create user flow with segmented audiences in Klaviyo and send targeted campaigns to customers, reviewers and influencers, based on customer post-purchase actions. Send follow-up sequences from order history, emails based on reviews not received or different follow-ups on negative and positive reviews.

  • Enhanced Invites

    Strengthen emails with social proof and brand trust. Drive conversion by sharing reviews and ratings in automated emails such as cart abandonment and product recommendations.

  • Personalisation

    Analyse and uncover customer trends Sync customer segmentation data with Klaviyo to supercharge and create personalized customer experiences. If a customer leaves a 5-star review trigger an event to send a refer-a-friend invitation.

  • Sending Review Invitations From Klaviyo

    As opposed to sending your review invitations through the invitation emails, we offer the ability to do so through Klaviyo.

  • Klaviyo SMS

    Sending Review Invitations From Klaviyo SMS