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Let your customers get the right item before returning the wrong one.

Customer Journey Optimization, Returns, Shipping/Logistics

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About Returnly

Returnly is a smart returns and payments platform that empowers consumers to easily return, exchange, and get the things they love when an order doesn’t work out. Eligible shoppers receive Instant Credit and Exchanges allowing them to get the right item before returning the wrong one with zero risk for you or your shoppers.

Hundreds of companies like UNTUCKit, Thirdlove, and Outdoor Voices rely on Returnly to deliver a world-class return and exchange experience for their customers.

We’re really proud to offer this level of convenience with Instant Exchanges, and if customers need more time to think about their next purchase, they have Returnly Credit to use later. It’s the best of both worlds.
Eric Ashe, Head of Customer & Account Management at Tracksmith

Returnly and Klaviyo

With Returnly and Klaviyo working together, you can leverage returns data to create deeper segmentation, more personalization and new revenue generating touchpoints.

The Returnly integration passes both return and Instant Credit data into your Klaviyo system.

Use cases

  • Offer first time returners a bonus incentive on their next purchase

    Use the point of return as an opportunity to impress by sending your shoppers an email offering a discount on their next purchase. This helps you do right by your customers and makes their decision to buy again in the future, a no brainer.

  • Win back returners with outstanding Returnly Credit

    Entice customers who have yet to use their Instant Credit voucher by offering free shipping or a discount on their repurchase, enabling you to drive Credit usage and delight hesitant customers with instant perks.

  • Help returners find the right next product

    With return reasons in Klaviyo, you can create a variety of flows that help guide your customer to their next right purchase. For example, if sizing was the reason for return, suggest chatting with a virtual stylist, leveraging fit guides or make related product recommendations.