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The "Buy Again" button for CPG brands

Conversion Rate Optimization, Customer Journey Optimization, Data Management/Analysis, Onsite Engagement

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About Repeat

Repeat is the easiest way for your customers to buy again. Your website doesn’t know what your customers want or when they want to reorder, but Repeat does.

Brands like Olipop, Youth to the People, TRUFF, and Hydrant use Repeat to give their returning customers what their website can’t: the fastest way to reorder from a personalized selection of products at just the right time.

"Repeat streamlines the reordering process for our customers, making it easier for them to quickly purchase the flavors they love. The ease of including personalized cart links in our campaigns and restock automations allows us to combine engaging brand content with a seamless prompt to reorder, helping us crack the code on creating messaging that really converts."
Michelle Paulhus, Sr. Growth Marketing and Retention Manager at Olipop

Repeat and Klaviyo

Repeat’s integration makes it easy to send your customers a personalized cart via email or SMS. We know your customer’s purchase history so they can quickly reorder their favorites or find new products to try.

Personalized email & SMS

  • Put your customers’ purchase history at their fingertips so they can reorder their favorites–without complicated segmentation.

Freedom of choice

  • Repeat is built for CPG where the best selling product for first time buyers are variety packs or starter bundles. Most people don’t want to reorder the starter pack, they want the freedom to choose what’s best for them. Repeat knows what’s in each bundle so customers can deconstruct one or build one up.

The right product at the right time

  • Repeat knows when your customers are ready for more. Use our events to trigger your flows so they hit at just the right moment. Repeat gives you perfectly times post-purchase flows. No guessing or complex logic to build.


  • Fastest Way To Reorder
  • A Personalized Experience
  • The Freedom of Choice
  • The Right Product at The Right Time
  • Ready to Reorder?
  • The DTC site is not for returning customers

Use cases

  • Simplified Replenishment Flows

    With our personalized carts, you can condense complex flows that rely on complicated logic to deliver personalized emails or text messages based on product selection. Just send your customers to their Repeat cart where their favorite products are waiting for them.

  • Easier Reordering in Every Email

    Use Repeat to add a reorder button in every email. Brands like TRUFF use reorder buttons in their campaigns to increase their conversion rates and revenue per session. No need for fancy automation or rules–it only shows when it’s relevant to the recipient.

  • Perfectly Timed Flows

    Repeat’s triggers and insights can help you time your flows so email and SMS lands right when your customers are ready to buy again. Repeat knows the context of your customers’ order history and the unique replenishment timing of all of your products.

  • Works with Klaviyo SMS

    Repeat and Klaviyo SMS are a perfect match–use our events to trigger high-converting text messages at the perfect time.Your customers can shop a personal selection of products in our speedy, mobile optimized reordering experience.