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Add any Video to your Email campaigns with ease to help drive engagement, response and sales.

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About Playable

We are focussed on Video Email - Reach your email audience in the body of any email, on any device, on any connection, at the moment of open, with high quality autoplay video email.

Videos of uptown 30 seconds can be embedded within your email, using any type of source video, be it a file on your computer or a hosted video on YouTube, TikTok or Facebook.
At Oasis, we know that video is an incredibly popular and important media format amongst our customers thanks to the consistently impressive engagement we’ve seen through the platform. Our challenge was to find a way to introduce it into our email campaigns. We therefore wanted a partner that would enable us to embed and edit video into our email campaigns, and in doing so drive significant shifts in engagement and response.
Sophia Holland Thomas, Digital Marketing Manager at Oasis Stores UK

Playable and Klaviyo

Engage your recipients the moment they open your emails with Autoplay Video that plays within the email.

Create your video clip within Playable by uploading any video source file be it from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram or a file of your computer.

Once you are happy with your edited clip simply copy the Playable HTML snippet and paste it into a Text Block within your Klaviyo template.

You have now embedded your video clip into your email ready for sending.

Use cases

  • Fully leverage your investment in the creation of video content

    Video content creation can be expensive, Playable creates the opportunity to further leverage that investment by bringing it to the forefront of the customer journey, and including autoplay video within your email campaigns.

  • Video is the content of choice for consumers

    With over 80% of the content consumed online being video, video email plays to the consumer preference, the net result is the delivery of a highly engaged audience the moment the email is opened.