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About Oviond

Oviond is a digital marketing monitoring and reporting software that bring all your data together into a single platform. By combining your data into a single view you can answer your most important digital marketing questions!

Creating dashboards & reports that clients love is a breeze and literally takes just a couple of minutes for me. I’ve tried similar services but always abandoned them because they were lacking key features.
Scott Regan, Managing Partner at Lead Works

Oviond and Klaviyo

Using Oviond and Klaviyo together allows you to bring all your email campaign data into a single platform.

Use cases

  • Report On Important Klaviyo Data

    Easily monitor and report on the performance of your email campaigns with Oviond. If you are a digital marketing agency or a small business you can report on metrics like: - Number Of Sent SMS - Number Of Opened Emails - Number Of Unsubscribed - Number Of Clicked Emails

  • Easily Connect Your Klaviyo Account

    Connecting your Klaviyo account to Oviond is as easy as copying your API key and pasting it into the Klaviyo authentication pop-up on Oviond.