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The new standard in customer reviews. Learn why 4,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing DTC brands have switched to Okendo for ratings & reviews.

Quiz/Survey Tools, Reviews, User Generated Content (UGC)

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About Okendo

Okendo enables Shopify retailers to leverage their most powerful asset: their customers. Okendo allows brands to showcase customer-generated content including ratings & reviews, photos/videos, and Q&A. Brands use this content to build trust, drive conversions and maximize CLTV.

Okendo doesn’t force a trade-off between functionality and affordability. That’s why thousands of Shopify Plus retailers such as SKIMS, Knix and Skinnydip London trust Okendo to power their customer marketing.
Using data from Okendo to create segments in Klaviyo that we target with messaging tailored to individual customers enabled us to increase revenue-per-recipient by a massive 423%!
Marta Skrabacz, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Manager at Wag

Okendo and Klaviyo

The Okendo and Klaviyo integration allows brands to update customer profiles with review behavior, send review requests through Klaviyo, and trigger flows based on reviews related events.


  • Drive conversions with social proof
  • Generate reviews from every purchase
  • Showcase UGC
  • Push to Google and social
  • Rewards
  • 15+ Review & UGC display widgets

Use cases

  • Send Emails to Request Reviews

    Send review request emails from Klaviyo instead of Okendo. Use the Klaviyo customization tools to design perfectly on-brand review request emails.

  • Enhance Emails with Social Proof

    Drive performance by showcasing ratings and reviews in triggered emails such as cart abandonment and product recommendations.

  • Capture First-Party Data

    Sync first-party customer data captured in Okendo e.g age, skin type, height, favourite sport etc. to the customer record in Klaviyo. Use this valuable data to supercharge segmentation and create highly personalized customer experiences.

  • Advanced Flows

    Build advanced Klaviyo Flows that use event triggers and data from Okendo to optimize campaign performance and create new engagement possibilities.

  • Event Sync

    Trigger emails in Klaviyo Flows from events in Okendo e.g send a refer-a-friend invitation when a customer leaves a 5-star review.