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Automated data engineering to any system

Data Management/Analysis, eCommerce Platforms, Email Capture

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About Nexla

Nexla, with its automated approach to data engineering, has for the first time made it possible for data users to get ready-to-use data from any system without any need for connectors or code. Nexla uniquely combines no-code, low-code, and a developer SDK to bring together users across skill levels on to a single platform. With its data-as-a-product core, Nexla combines integration, preparation, monitoring, and delivery of data into a single system regardless of data velocity and format. Today Nexla powers mission critical data for JPMorgan, Doordash, LinkedIn, LiveRamp, J&J, and other leading enterprises across industries.

Nexla and Klaviyo

With Nexla's Klaviyo connector, never worry about integration again as Nexla's open ended connector template can be figured to any system to get data in or out of Klaviyo. Nexla connects to everything - warehouses, CRM systems, SaaS apps, order management systems, financial systems, webhooks, APIs, and even streaming data. Nexla's Email connector also makes it easy to ingest email as a source to Klaviyo.


  • Automatically Generated Data Products
  • Build All the Flows you Need, In or Out of Klaviyo
  • Monitor Errors and Flows Once Active
  • Simply Select Any Klaviyo Data