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Empowering brands of all sizes to create the most comprehensive and engaging post-purchase experiences.

Customer Journey Optimization, Email Capture, Email Template Building, Loyalty, Returns, Shipping/Logistics, SMS/Messaging
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About Narvar

Our best-in-class platform creates customer confidence from order placement through return for 1,200+ brands.

  • Take control of customer expectations. Regain control of issues that are out of your hands — like fulfillment or carrier delays — with 50+ proactive and predictive customer communications to keep customers informed. 
  • Reduce WISMO and lower support costs. Avoid costly “Where is my order?” calls by controlling customer expectations. Keep customers in lockstep with their orders through real-time updates throughout the delivery and returns journey. 
  • Meet customers where they are. Provide personalized omnichannel communication throughout the delivery journey via email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Line. Create consumer preferences to communicate on their channels of choice. 
  • Drive influenced revenue. Increase consumer LTV through personalized offers and marketing opportunities within each customer communication.

Transform your post-purchase experience today. Learn more at

I’d recommend Narvar to any ecommerce brand that is operating with a small team but is scaling quickly, who needs an efficient post-purchase platform and seamless tracking experience.
Rachel Bucolo, Director of eCommerce at Onia

Narvar and Klaviyo

The Narvar and Klaviyo integration enables merchants to trigger flows in Klaviyo based on post-purchase events from Narvar throughout the delivery journey. This allows merchants to...

✅ Control customer expectations with real-time communication throughout the delivery journey

✅ Own the customer relationship end-to-end with a 360 degree view of the customer's experience

✅ Increase LTV with personalized campaigns informed by post-purchase insights

✅ Streamline transactional and marketing customer communication through one single interface

Use cases

  • Control customer expectations in the delivery journey

    - Keep customers informed throughout the order delivery journey with proactive updates - Set proper expectations and reduce call center volume on package arrival dates - Let customers know of delays before they happen

  • Turn disappointment into delight

    - Communicate about carrier delays and exceptions proactively to consumers - Use the shipment-related data to omit customers from future promotional emails to align to customer sentiment - Run make-good campaigns and offer customers discounts on future purchases

  • Accurately time post-purchase follow-ups

    - With delivery data, accurately time post-purchase follow ups for product reviews - Boost CRM efforts with campaigns for loyalty sign-ups after delivery - Customer experienced a delay? Omit from product review or loyalty sign ups after delivery

  • Drive LTV while customers wait for their packages

    - Generate product excitement throughout the delivery journey with unboxing and product-related email content - Drive product adoption prior to arrival with "how-to" and tutorial campaigns - Intelligently inform other promotional activities while customers await their packages