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About MailTimers

MailTimers is an online app designed to lighten the process of countdown timers creation. Thanks to its well-crafted UI & UX builders you can customize and adjust a timer to match your needs perfectly.

Along with the main features the MailTimers app provides you with the numbers of additional settings: transparent background, advanced colors, background picture, expiry message, and more. It gives you full control over the final result and makes working with MailTimers extremely easy.

MailTimers has at its core an advanced technology called Imagemagick. It’s used to create GIF images astounding in their quality. Also service allows you to customize designs using Adobe Photoshop PSD layout, and create evergreen countdown. These are the points which really make MailTimers stand out amongst its competitors.

MailTimers has one of the most accessible prices on the market, and can be used free for a limited number of views before you are ready to make a decision about subscription.

Best countdown timer service I’ve used so far. Easy to use, any design you could need with infinite possibilities to adapt, has all the languages I use in my emails + support team is quick to react. Their evergreen timer is my personal favorite.
Iryna Sknar, Email Marketer at Depositphotos

MailTimers and Klaviyo

You will need to create a MailTimers account in order to use countdown timers in your email companies using Klaviyo. Any email countdown timer you create will result in a simple Image URL that you can put into any Klaviyo email template. Just copy the resulting embed code or URL and add it to the Klaviyo template.

Use cases

  • Fixed Date Countdown Timer

    A countdown timer for email that is the same for all users ends on the specified date.

  • Evergreen Countdown Timer

    Countdown timer depending on when the recipient opens the email.

  • Loop Countdown Timer

    Email countdown timer that starts over when the countdown ends. It can start counting both for each client individually, like "Evergreen Countdown Timer", and for all users, like "Fixed Date".

  • Photoshop Countdown Timers for Email

    MailTimers has the ability to create custom designed countdown timers using PSD layouts.