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About Junip

The easiest way to power reviews together with Shopify & Klaviyo.

Junip allows you to fully manage the review request process within Klaviyo, while leveraging our beautiful displays on your store.

“Since moving to Junip, the amount of reviews we've been getting has steadily increased. The Junip <> Klaviyo integration was seamless, and our Junip triggered emails in Klaviyo have 50% + open rates! Thanks for building out this integration.”
Gunhee Park, CEO at Populum

Junip and Klaviyo

On install, Junip creates two new events in Klaviyo:

1. Junip - Order Fulfilled

2. Junip - Review Created

The Order Fulfilled event allows you to kickoff a flow directly from Klaviyo to request a review from your customers. Review URLs are populated as variables in the flow & you're able to customize just like any other flow!

The Review Created event happens when a new review is created. The details of that review are appended as variables, allowing you to segment or follow up accordingly.