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The industry's most trusted software to collect zero-party data at scale.

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About Jebbit

Jebbit is the world's leading Zero-Party Data Platform and enables marketing, product, sales teams and more to create quizzes and interactive digital experiences without ever needing to touch a line of code. These experiences capture the most valuable consumer data that our customers need.

Jebbit quizzes and experiences drive an avg. completion rate of 85%+, can be deployed on any channel and on any device, and collect a high volume of zero-party data.

The data collected using Jebbit can be activated via Jebbit's 50+ (and growing) API integrations, including the most popular CRMs and marketing software solutions / apps.

Businesses use Jebbit to achieve multiple business objectives at once, including:

  • Driving more sales / online conversions
  • Capturing more qualified leads
  • Use profile enrichment / database segmentation
  • Audience building for improved ad-targeting
  • Market research and insights
  • Education
  • Increased user engagement and personalization capabilities

GDPR & CCPA Compliant

"And since launching it [Indie Lee's Jebbit Quiz], it's really morphed into...we're getting so much data and information from people using this experience. I think we have around five or six questions for the quiz and a lot of them are just data collection points. And we're seeing just how effective that has been, the data, specifically with email marketing. We've integrated [Jebbit] with Klaviyo and then been able to hyper-segment based on how people engaged with the [Jebbit] experience."
Gabrielle Kerins, Marketing & E-Commerce Manager at Indie Lee & Co.

Jebbit and Klaviyo

Harnessing the power of Jebbit & Klaviyo, businesses can now capture more emails and zero-party data from their Jebbit quizzes and experiences in real-time.

Using Jebbit's integration into Klaviyo, your business will activate the zero-party data you collect using Jebbit within Klaviyo to:

  • Enrich consumer profiles
  • Accelerate segmentation and LTV
  • Personalize email & SMS messages to increase sales / conversions
  • Capture more qualified leads
  • Build new audiences for social targeting and remarketing

Connecting to your Klaviyo instance has never been easier and only requires a few clicks within the Jebbit platform!


  • Jebbit Platform Quiz & Experience Template Gallery
  • 'No-Code' Quiz & Experience Builder
  • Launch Anywhere!
  • Realtime Reporting & Analytics
  • Activate Seamlessly
  • Dozens of Quiz / Experience Types & Products

Use cases

  • Website Product Match Quiz

    Build an interactive product match quiz to embed on your website to drive engagement and increase website conversion. Customers have valued the speed of creation, creative flexibility and control, and the pre-built analytics to optimize conversion.

  • Email & CRM Engagement & Conversion

    The fastest software solution to build an engaging piece of content to embed in your email or CRM communications series. Whether it's New Customer On-Boarding Emails, Standard Monthly or Weekly Newsletters, Win-Back or Dormant Customer campaigns, or part of a customer lifecycle strategy, these experiences can increase the engagement and conversion rate of your campaigns.

  • Consumer Insights from Social Audiences

    Build a survey that doesn't feel like a survey. Create fun, interactive quizzes, and standard survey experiences to distribute on social media. These experiences can help capture aggregate insights in addition to creating unique custom audiences on social based on particular 1st-Party Data your consumers share with you.

  • Paid Social Lead Generation

    Drive and capture pre-qualified leads by promoting interactive experiences on paid social.

  • Interactive Experience, Lead Form, & Survey Content Creation

    Jebbit is the fastest software platform to build beautiful, interactive experiences, branded surveys, and lead forms, all while capturing declared data and insights. No code required.