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Referral software for B2C and B2B tech companies

Affiliate Marketing, Email Capture, Influencer Marketing, Referral Programs

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About GrowSurf

Launch a customer-to-customer referral program to incentivize word-of-mouth referrals and grow organically.

GrowSurf is referral program software for B2C and B2B tech companies that want to automate customer acquisition at the lowest possible cost.

Our customers enjoy results like these: 312% return on investment, 30% of new leads from referrals, 15% of ARR from referrals.
I had about ten other referral software providers I looked at. We chose GrowSurf because it was something we could customize without having to get developers to build the whole thing out. The price was another big plus for us.
Tracy Laranjo, Growth Manager at Willful

GrowSurf and Klaviyo

Connect GrowSurf with Klaviyo and easily generate referral links for your contacts to share.

Embed referral invites into your Klaviyo emails using GrowSurf's copy/paste email code snippets.

Use cases

  • Craft a referral program just like Airbnb, Dropbox, and Morning Brew.

    100% whitelabeled. Track referrals on purchases, sign-ups, and any other activity.

  • A referral program built right into your Klaviyo emails

    Just copy and paste {{ person|lookup:'GrowSurf Share URL' }} into your Klaviyo emails to give your contacts their unique referral link. Your contact never needs to sign up for your referral program and can start sharing their link immediately.

  • Get low-cost leads on autopilot with referrals

    Supercharge your Klaviyo email marketing funnel. Engage your audience with a referral program and grow your email list by 10% to 30% at the lowest possible cost. GrowSurf customers enjoy 300-1000% ROI and 9-40% monthly growth.