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The Guided Shopping AI Quiz Platform

About Gobot

Gobot helps brands remove shopper choice paralysis with its Guided Shopping & 1-to-1 Personalization platform.

Ask every shopper the right questions, recommend their perfect products, personalize your entire site to their specific needs, answer their questions 24/7, and increase sales.

We saw the value in Gobot very fast, with average order value and conversion rate lifts for those going through the quiz. Thanks to the quiz, we also received less customer service inquiries. We are excited to continue building on this success by creating new quizzes to continue improving the customer experience. The partnership has been really amazing. With Gobot, we feel that we have a true partner.
Margaux Vallino Reese, Director of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce at Colorescience

Gobot and Klaviyo

Gobot’s integration with Klaviyo enables adding of all email addresses collected by your Guided Shopping experience to your Klaviyo email lists, all on auto-pilot. Of note, all of the customer profile data collected by your Guided Shopping flow can be passed as custom properties into Klaviyo enabling automation of marketing campaigns based on Zero-Party data.  Recommended Products can also be sent into Klaviyo as custom properties.

Use cases

  • Ask every shopper the right questions and recommend their perfect products

    Traditional site search is great for those who know exactly what they want, but what about everybody else? Choice paralysis. Gobot’s conversational AI guided shopping experiences engage with shoppers and guide them to the right products. Our synced product data feed and auto-merchandising saves countless hours of manual tagging and maintenance.

  • Personalize your site, email, SMS and ads based on each shopper's individual needs with collected Zero-Party Data

    Send personalized emails and text messages that reflect each shopper's expressed needs and wants. Integrate with your existing email/SMS platforms. No more one-size-fits-all generic messaging sent to every subscriber. Drive up conversions, AOV, and engagement by making every shopper feel like your website content is curated specifically for them. Automatically badge relevant products as “For You”, merchandise category page products, adapt messaging/visuals/layouts, and more.

  • Automatically resolve repetitive customer support tickets

    Leverage Gobot’s AI Support Automation capabilities to answer questions about recommended products and anything else shoppers have questions about. Reduce support burden, improve customer satisfaction, and slash response times. Gobot can work hand-in-hand with your existing help desk.

  • Collect more email/SMS opt-ins with conversational popups

    Grow your list with conversational popups that start conversations, recommend products, and collect opt-ins + zero-party segmentation data. Enable highly personalized campaigns that consistently outperform. Target abandoning visitors with exit-sense technology. Send collected data to Klaviyo, Attentive, and others.