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About Gobot

We help Shopify stores increase sales, conversions, and retention with our proprietary AI web chatbot solution.

Klaviyo & Gobot

Join thousands of fast-growing merchants driving unprecedented store growth by automating the right customer interactions with Gobot. The only chatbot platform built specifically for your Shopify website. Pass tags and permissions collected by Gobot to Klaviyo and use them to segment your email list. Use Gobot events as triggers for your Klaviyo automations.

Popular Use Cases

Boost Lead Collection

Collect email addresses in a conversational manner.

Improve Segmentation

Engage shoppers in a conversation and the data collected provides for some amazing email segmentation.


Roll out the red carpet, greet customers personally, and offer products based on customer responses.

Automate response to FAQs

Proactively answer questions when shoppers browse for a certain amount of time, visit your FAQ page, or initiate a search.

Conversational Search

Make it easy for shoppers to find what they need. Use an AI chatbot to guide shoppers to just the right product.

Reduce cart abandonment

Your website chatbot can detect cart closure and engage visitors in a conversation addressing open questions and offering discounts, etc. to make sure your shopper doesn't leave your store without a product in hand.

Increase Average Order Value

Hold shoppers' hands until they check out. Present upsells and/or cross-sells in an effort to boost AOV, and offer to address any open questions.