About Friendbuy

Friendbuy is a SaaS platform powering referral programs for the world’s most recognizable e-commerce companies. Our clients include disruptors such as Dollar Shave Club, Outdoor Voices, FIGS, AWAY and Casper, as well as global Fortune 100s such as Walmart, Intuit, Disney and Nestle. Friendbuy is a technology-first company, enabling brands to scale efficiently and deepen customer loyalty. Our mission is to empower growth marketers through innovation.

Friendbuy and Klaviyo

Leverage Friendbuy's integration with Klaviyo to enhance referral program automation.

Friendbuy will send Advocate and Referred Friend email addresses and phone numbers to Klaviyo. Friendbuy will also generate vanity referral links for all Advocates and send those to Klaviyo and will be included in your customers' Klaviyo profile.

Friendbuy will also automatically send coupon codes to Klaviyo that have been distributed to referred Friends

Use cases

  • Add Referred Friend Email Addresses / Phone Numbers to a Welcome Series

    Friendbuy will automatically send referred friend email addresses and phone numbers that have opted in to receive email communication from your company. Leverage Klaviyo to add these emails and phone numbers to a welcome series or send a reminder email for them to use the coupon code they received through Friendbuy on their first order.

  • Drive Referral Program Awareness and Engagement

    Friendbuy will automatically send emails captured through your referral program to Klaviyo. Personal referral links (PURLs) will also be generated for each email address. Include these PURLs in Klaviyo emails to customers to drive referral program engagement.