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About Faraday

Faraday is the leading data science platform for brands: we’ve helped 100+ of them and we’re dedicated to enabling B2C companies get started and get ahead with AI that builds revenue. Focusing squarely on the customer journey, we put AI-powered insights and predictions to work where they have immediate impact.

Thanks to Faraday, 1 in 3 out of our sales is coordinated using AI.
Kabeer Chopra, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Burrow

Faraday and Klaviyo

As a technology partner, Faraday helps Klaviyo clients take predictive marketing to the next level, enhancing your ability to find, convert, engage, and retain more customers. Leverage our national consumer database with 270 million US customer profiles, end-to-end machine learning pipeline, and PhD-level data scientists to drive growth with actionable AI.

Klaviyo clients receive a discount of 10% on their first Faraday program. Please contact for more detail.

Use cases

  • Personalization

    Faraday identifies personas — unique demographic segments — within your customer base and pushes them to Klaviyo. Curate your ad creative and messaging to cultivate those personas with the highest value.

  • Customer lifetime value (CLV)

    Increasing the CLV of customers is always a goal for retention marketing. Faraday predicts the CLV of every customer in your database, then flags the ones who haven’t come close to their potential so you can further engage them through Klaviyo.

  • Strategic discounting and promotions

    Use Faraday models to predict customer lifetime value (CLV), as well as identify which customers are likely to respond positively to discounts or promotions.

  • Churn prevention

    Whether you’re a subscription brand or a business selling high-ticket items, retaining customers is critical to the overall financial health of a company. Faraday predicts which customers are at the greatest risk of churn, then flags those customers in Klaviyo so you can run a targeted retention campaign.

  • Targeted reactivation

    Faraday identifies the segment within your inactive customer base that should be the focus of reactivation effort based on their predicted lifetime value.