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DeBounce is a simple, fast, and accurate email validation tool that allows you to rapidly and securely clean up your email lists by removing invalid, disposable and spam-trap addresses.

Email List Cleaning

About DeBounce

Don't let bounced, throwaway, spam-trapped, or deactivated emails harm your sending reputation or waste your time and money. In just one year, 30% of emails will expire. If more than 10% of your emails are bad, just 44% of them will be delivered. To eliminate any bogus emails, use a bulk email verification program. DeBounce is an email validation SaaS that scans your email list for incorrect or fake email addresses that may bounce, be deleted, or become spam traps. Validating your email list improves delivery while also safeguarding your sender's reputation.

I heard about DeBounce about 2 years ago and have been using this tool for 1.5 years as an alternative to NeverBounce. This is a wonderful email verification tool with affordable pricing. I am really happy with Debounce and still using this tool for my list
Tufayel A, Project Manager at Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

DeBounce and Klaviyo

DeBounce has native integration with Klaviyo, allowing you to transfer and authenticate your email lists from Klaviyo to DeBounce. You can delete invalid email addresses from your Klaviyo account directly from your DeBounce dashboard once validation is complete.

You can also use this integration to monitor Klaviyo email lists on a daily basis using DeBounce list-monitoring (or sync) feature.


  • Connect your Klaviyo with DeBounce
  • Import Your List
  • Validate Your List
  • Transfer the Results to Klaviyo

Use cases

  • Bulk Email Validation

    Simply upload your email lists and hit the start button to validate them. You can upload the lists directly from your ESP or from your computer. DeBounce features a number of sophisticated validation engines and can handle hundreds of emails per minute with ease. Once your validation is complete, you will receive an email notification, after which you can adjust the validation output and download the results.

  • Email Validation API

    All programming languages are supported by DeBounce's enterprise-grade cloud-based email verification service. DeBounce can handle the process of confirming the validity of your emails, whether you're a developer developing an application that requires the registration of new valid users or a business with a huge mailing list.

  • Email List Monitoring

    Did you know that roughly 2% of the emails on your list expire each month and you must delete them? Also, if you add new emails to your list on a monthly basis, you must authenticate them before sending each campaign. DeBounce's email list validation monitoring tool lets you link DeBounce to Klaviyo, and DeBounce will automatically validate and remove invalid emails from your Klaviyo account every day. Your list will remain clean and ready to launch a new campaign at any time.