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About is the most accessible all-in-one Customer Data Platform software for small and medium-sized companies.

With Expro 1.0 E-commerce businesses now has one of the first "No-code" Customer Data Platforms that automatically collect, consolidate, validate, and analyze customer, product and marketing data from multiple channels (CMS, Email, analytics, customer service & social medias).

With you can empower your business vertically across both your product, marketing, sales and customer service team, and hyper-personalize your product offering based on your customers behavioural attributes such as tailored product recommendations, pricing preferences, preferred communication and most efficient channel. This will give you the tool to drive longer CLV, higher customer attraction & retention by giving your existing and new/future customers the best, most relevant, and precise service and product recommendation all the time.

With we take the hurdle and burden of time, development, resources, IT and complexity on our shoulders and out of the equation and deliver it in an all-in-one Customer Data platform Software at a cost-friendly level. and Klaviyo is a Partner of Klaviyo due to our highly compatible integration with Klaviyo users. We connect the dots between your email operator and your other systems. This gives a unique utilisation of both your Klaviyo and the rest of your tool-kit.