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About Clyde

Offer product protection, drive revenue.

Clyde gives you the opportunity to offer an exceptional customer experience and peace of mind when customers need you most—when something goes wrong. And what's more, Clyde gives you the opportunity to increase average order value and revenue every time you sell a product.

Clyde's clear, customizable calls-to-action make purchasing product protection a breeze. We make contract information and filing claims simple, transparent, and intuitive, and we manage the entire claims process end-to-end, so your customers can use their plans when they need them, and you can focus on creating and

"Clyde has activated an additional revenue stream and allowed us to expand a new area of our business — yielding a better experience for our team and our customers.”
Kate Albers, eCommerce Manager at ChiliSleep

Clyde and Klaviyo

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools businesses have to drive sales and customer lifetime value. Integrate Clyde Product Protection directly into Klaviyo email campaigns to demonstrate your trusted brand, increase engagement, and drive more sales. 

Clyde empowers business—from startups to enterprises—to offer extended warranties and accident protection to their customers. Our plans slot into your current post-purchase flow, powered by Klaviyo, so you can be up and running in minutes.

Clyde is the only product protection solution with a direct integration into Klaviyo, the leading marketing platform for retailers.

Use cases

  • Maximize revenue with post-purchase campaigns

    Clyde gives you the flexibility to add warranty coverage post-purchase, to make sure there are no missed opportunities to earn revenue and file a claim. Use the Klaviyo customization tools to design perfectly on-brand post-purchase emails.

  • Increase trust and build loyalty

    Add product protection to your Klaviyo email campaigns to showcase your brand at critical parts in the customer journey while giving your customers peace of mind.

  • Improve customer experience

    Clyde is there to turn a negative experience into a positive one— creating a lifelong customer, inspiring long term confidence in your brand, and helping people confidently use the things they love.

  • Simple and seamless e-commerce integration

    Our platform integrates with your website in minutes. You run your store exactly as normal, and we handle every aspect of your protection plan offering. You can even use our dashboard to set your offerings to autopilot and we’ll constantly optimize their pricing to increase your conversions and margin.